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Rhys Hovey

 he's from Canaidia

EVERYONE is watching your STALK now,. where's the V??? EVERYONE with a 15 IQ knows that you're always at the center of the GHETTO CHICK RETARD revival,. fucking loser dikes and Joan Jett,. I got the "smoker tits" just for you,. where there poverty, and 9-11 psycho's there's you,. you are so goddamn easy to figure out,. the psyche ward is CIGARETTE REBOOT CAMP

Rhys Hovey

Are you going to blow up an airplane over goddamn covert advertising satellite equipment??? Fucking little dike whores smoking in front of elementary schools?? We fucking hate you,. stay away from the middle class you goddamn shit bags,. we pay a lot of goddamn welfare checks,.

Rhys Hovey

if you are neurophysing for what it means to have to have some LOW CLASS cougar bitch who can't recognize me because of neurological survielance equipment who has to close her eyes when she walks by me IN THE MALL, that you have the CORRECT DEATH WITH FOR YOU,. you keep those fucking goddamn whores away from me and their pretending to fuck and smoke around elementary school students because they think they will be famous or some shit,. with scientology and actra or whatever,. you fuckers got the WRONG LOCKHEED employee,. MALE VOICE CHOIRS,. fuck you,. suck my cock,. I fucking dare you to come after me,. YOU PRETEND I DON'T FUCKING EXIST! I know about the mind reader and FISH SAURON SS TI TC TM TD, and the CIA and FBI and ATF are real aware of me, so just you fuck off with anything to do with NASA.

Rhys Hovey

Malick's fifth

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